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Providing US Export Compliance Solutions

Since 2015, International Trade Advisors has been providing their expertise to U. S. Exporters, freight forwarders and carriers to ensure that they remain compliant with U.S Export Regulations.

Our Mission

To help exporters comply with US export regulations

Our Advantage

We are led by former senior government staff that were the lead architects of the latest U.S export control regulations. With our experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with customized compliance strategies and solutions.

Export Compliance

We take pride in having advised hundreds of organizations on export control matters, including those that involve compliance, audits, jurisdiction and classification, as well as strategy. Our goal is to help your export business avoid costly fines and penalties.

Success Stories

Our staff is continuously working with business organizations. We assess their current export compliance programs and shipment process. After pinpointing areas for improvement, we develop customized programs to ensure compliance.